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7th Annual Black Male Achievement and Scholarship Breakfast

About Us


What is The New Chesapeake Men for Progress Education Foundation, Inc.?

The New Chesapeake Men for Progress Education Foundation, Inc., is a voluntary nonprofit charity that provide scholarships, school supplies grants, and support mentoring initiatives to Chesapeake minority youth. As a public charity, we have provided more than $127,000 in scholarships and grants since in 2010-2011. The Foundation was established January 21, 2010 as a 501 (C ) (3 ) charitable corporation by members of The New Chesapeake men for Progress Inc. as a philanthropic instrument to provide funding for scholarship, mentoring, and supplies for needy children.

How do the Foundation funds work?

All funds are used exclusively for charitable purposes to provide scholarships and grants to students and other nonprofits. Funds share a modest administrative cost which is generally less than 3%.

What geographic areas does the Foundation Serve?

The Foundation focuses primarily on youth in the City of Chesapeake.

Who governs the Foundation?

A ten member Board of Directors governs the Foundation and approves all scholarships, grants and donations as well as the overall distribution of funds.

How do I make a gift to the Foundation?

You can make a gift of any size today or into the future to the Foundation by calling 757-650-0174. The Foundation accepts cash (currency, coins, checks, money orders, bank drafts, etc), securities (bonds, stocks, etc), non-cash gifts, real property, inventions, patents and copyrights, life insurance, wills, bequests, and devices. If you donate $20,000 or more you can create a named fund and specify the purpose. Smaller gifts are added to the Foundation's general asset fund for scholarships, grant making, and other charitable donations.

What types of funds can be established?

The Foundation offers a variety of simple options including:

How does the Foundation benefit the community?

We award scholarships to deserving and qualified high school graduates to offset the cost of their education, and support mentoring program that assist students in improving their education, and chances for a successful life. The Foundation sponsors programs that educate the community, provide cultural and recreational activities that youth and adults in the community participate.

What programs do the Foundation provide in the community?

Annually, the Foundation sponsors its Black Male Achievement and Scholarship Breakfast Awards program , Annual Sponsors Recognition Reception, and Black Tie Scholarship Gala. These programs provide fund for the Foundation.

What should I do if I want to make a gift to the Foundation?

You should contact the Secretary of the Foundation at (757) 650-0174.

What is the vision of the Foundation?

The Foundation's vision is to improve the social, educational, and economic prospect of youth and adults in Hampton Roads.

How is the work of the Foundation carried out?

The work of the foundation is performed through it various committees which include:

How can I become a member of the Foundation?

You can become a member of the foundation by downloading the Membership Application, complete it, and enclose a check for $60.00 and mail it to The New Chesapeake Men for Progress Educational Foundation, Inc. and mail it to: P.O. Box 1262, Chesapeake, Virginia 23327.

Why should I support The New Chesapeake men for Progress Education, Inc foundation?

It is important that our youth succeed because they are the foundation of a strong neighborhood and community. Many minority students need assistance with the high cost of education and your supports makes it possible to assist many of them as well as provide a tax saving benefit to you. In our view, corporation that benefit economically from citizens as consumers have a social responsibility to contribute to improving the community from which they benefit.



The New Chesapeake Men for Progress Education Foundation, Inc. was established January 21, 2010 as the philanthropy arm of The New Chesapeake Men for Progress. The historic Chesapeake Men for Progress was established in 1963, and reorganized in 2005 as The New Chesapeake Men for Progress. In 2008 members of The New Chesapeake Men for Progress began discussing ways to expand its mission beyond political and social activism to include providing assistance to young African Americans, especially African American males in our schools and communities. Through these discussions it was decided that providing scholarship, mentoring programs and assisting needy students with school supplies at the beginning of the school year would become the focus.

It was clear to the members that to continue the legacy of W. P. Clarke, Jr., Dr. Hugo A. Owens and others associated with their accomplishment in the political arena, the establishment of a nonprofit foundation was necessary. A foundation could become a vehicle for expanding as well as gaining broader support from citizens, corporations, schools, community organizations, and other foundations. A foundation would become the vehicle in our efforts to improve the educational prospect for youth in the City of Chesapeake, especially African American youth.

In December 2009, a meeting was held in which William E. Ward, Ph.D., George F. Reed, and Roxson (Rock) Blount began the process of incorporating a non-stock corporation with the State Corporation Commission. The application was approved and papers were filed with the Internal Revenue Service to obtain a ruling to designate the non-stock corporation a 501 ( c) ( 3) public charity. A successful ruling was obtained on January 21, 2010.

The New Chesapeake Men for Progress Education Foundation, Inc. initial Board of Directors consisted of William E. Ward, Ph.D., George F. Reed and Roxson Blount. William E. Ward, Ph.D. became the President and Registered Agent, George Reed was elected Secretary and Roxson Blount was elected Treasurer. At the first meeting of the Board of Directors of the newly formed Foundation, additional board members were elected to include: James R. Jackson Ed. D, Vice President, Tyrone Davis, Ph.D., Larry Battle, Reverend H. Allen Hall, Phillip D. Adams, James H. Robinson, Jr., Ed. D. and Willie Cooper. Willie Cooper would be elected to serve as the Foundation's Financial Secretary at a subsequent meeting of the Board of Directors.

In 2010, the first full year of operation of the Foundation, The Board of Directors created operational policies, and refined its vision. Also, the Foundation sponsored its first Black Male Achievement and Scholarship Breakfast Award Program. With donations from members, corporate sponsors, and ticket sales, the Foundation awarded seven $1,000.00 scholarships to seven African American male graduates from each of Chesapeake's seven high schools, and presented achievement awards to fourteen other students.

The Foundation committed to supporting and assisting in the operation of the established Lunch Buddy Program at Carver Intermediate. Additionally, the Foundation assists needy students at Carver and Truitt Intermediate Schools and Hugo A. Owens Middle School with backpacks and school supplies at the beginning of each school year. The Foundation initiatives cover five broad areas of operation as follow: scholarships, mentoring, education seminars, public forums, and recognizing the achievement on individuals who improve the quality of life for the City of Chesapeake.


Core Values and Concepts

The New Chesapeake Men for Progress Education Foundation, Inc. is committed to the highest standard of integrity, and ethics. The value statements listed below were developed through a consultative process involving the Board of Directors and members. The principles reflected in this document constitute a value compass for the Board of Directors, members, and other individual working on behalf of the organization.

These values serve to heighten transparency and to demonstrate to the community its pledge to operate in a manner worthy of the public trust. In this spirit, we offer:

In carrying out our mission, operating our programs and services, and interacting with its members, donors, and supporters, The New Chesapeake Men for Progress Education Foundation, Inc. embraces the following values:



The Foundation goals are: