Sample School Supplies Letter
School Supplies Letter
School Supplies Letter

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School Supplies Program

Purpose and Goals

The New Chesapeake Men for Progress Education Foundation, Inc. in partnership with The New Chesapeake Men for Progress supports the Schools Supplies and Material Program for needy children, not for administrative overhead or fundraising expenses. The Foundation seeks to assist low-income school students and their classroom by providing school supplies and other related items. These items might include pencils and pens, rulers, backpacks, calculators, notebooks or anything a student might need in the classroom, but is unable to afford. A Secondary goal of this program is to provide items and resources that will benefit an entire classroom, particularly in low-median-income schools in the school district.

Besides parents, teachers are the first to notice when a child is unprepared for school. Often, teachers are also aware of a child's family ability to afford the basics a child is expected to bring to school. Teachers are the best evaluators of the impact of the lack of basic materials on a student. Therefore, the New Chesapeake Men for Progress Education foundation, Inc. relies on teachers to make professional judgments on the need for school supplies for their low-income students.

How the Program Works

When a teacher determines that:

Then the teacher contacts the Foundation and request assistance.

Important Restrictions